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Classroom Assessment Boosts Student Learning (CEI 201)

     Prue Merton, Associate Director for Faculty Programs and Assessment, Dartmouth College

     Cindy Cogswell, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Assessment, Dartmouth College

     Research has shown that assessment is a powerful motivator for student learning but knowing where to start can be hard to determine. Formative vs summative, graded vs non-graded, group vs individual, there are many types of assessments that can be used in the classroom. This session will explore practices and tools that will help you and your students know how to improve their learning.

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Training Attention and Awareness: A Case Study (CEI 202)

     Anne Hopkins Gross, Vice President for Student Affairs, SUNY Cobleskill

     The neuroscience is growing regarding the importance of training attention, awareness, and cognitive flexibility in order to enhance learning, reduce stress, and increase well-being. This workshop will introduce the concept of training attention and awareness with you as the “case study.” The strategies shared are grounded in the most recent assessments on how to change one’s brain to promote peace within oneself, one’s family, and one’s work.

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A Case Study in the Assessment of Contract Management (CEI 220)

     Becki Green, Contract Coordinator, New England College

     This program will examine a case study in contract management in higher education. The session will include discussion exploring how takeaways from this case can be applied to assessment in other administrative positions in higher education


Departmental Self-Assessment – One Department’s Efforts, Challenges and Progress (CEI 101/102)

     Michael Saputo, Assistant Director of Housing (Apartments and Graduate Housing), University of New Hampshire

     This presentation will explain our department’s efforts at doing a self-assessment based on ACUHO-I and CAS standards. This presentation will discuss the challenges we faced while still doing our regular workloads, our search for a consultant to help, and the struggles to learn and assimilate a great deal of new ideas and concepts. We’ll discuss some of the elements that made the project successful, such as choosing your committees, and some of the challenges that slowed down the process.

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Connecting the Curricular and Co-Curricular: Assessment Methods In and Outside of the Classroom (CEI 110)

     Melissa Wright, Senior Consultant, Campus Success, Campus Labs

     This session will begin with a case study about Assumption College’s use of rubrics, formative quick assessments, and surveys to gauge student learning within a sophomore experience program. We would then work backwards and discuss how these assessments were crafted, emphasizing the open-ended and flexible approach to design. We will then examine other examples of assessment methods that can be used across an institution, including standardized rubrics, classroom assessment techniques, targeted assessments around high impact practices, and quick climate surveys to capture community pulse on important issues.

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