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Improving Campus Culture at New England College Through Collaborative Action Research (CEI 201)

     Bill Preble, Professor of Education, New England College

     Lai-Monte Hunter, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, New England College

     New England College’s Strategic Plan asked us to examine and Improve our campus culture. A diverse group from our community developed a collaborative action research process that provided new opportunities to amplify the voices of students, staff and faculty, resulting in increased discourse, collaboration, and leadership on campus. This session will showcase our process, and share tools and resources we used. We welcome you to use this information to help meet the campus culture and climate needs on your campus.

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Assessment Encompasses Experiential Education Components for Students: Engagement, Intentionality, Conceptuality, and Ownership (CEI 220)

     Raelyn Viti, Associate Professor, New England College

     Since 2012 the students in the Outdoor Leadership and Education undergraduate programs have strategically pursued the attainment of accreditation with the Association of Experiential Education (AEE).  While researching programs that provided accreditation in the field of outdoor and experiential education students came across the AEE.  The process has been entirely student-driven and contained all the ups and downs that can happen with aspirations of success.

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How Can We Use Neuroscience To Foster Learning? (CEI 101/102)

     Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Professor, San Diego State University

     This session explores what we do and don’t know about the neuroscience of learning and development. Starting from the premise that the brain is malleable (e.g., neuroplasticity), this session explores what we understand we can do to cultivate the kinds of learning outcomes we and our stakeholders would like to see more of in our students. In addition, this session posits questions for us to consider about what we don’t yet know.

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Implementing A Student Affairs Assessment Plan Through On-Going Professional Development (CEI 202)

     Mike Taberski, Dean of Students, New England College

     Throughout the spring 2017 semester, the Division of Student Development at NEC has combined their on-going professional development time with building a comprehensive assessment plan starting with individual department plans and culminating with a divisional assessment plan. This session will review the entire process including developing the project, lessons learned, and utilizing a common-read for both professional development and assessment plan development.

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Success Metrics and Key Performance Indicators: Where to Start? (CEI 110)

     Melissa Wright, Senior Consultant, Campus Success, Campus Labs

     This session will begin with a case study about Assumption College’s use of rubrics, formative quick assessments, and surveys to gauge student learning within a sophomore experience program. We would then work backwards and discuss how these assessments were crafted, emphasizing the open-ended and flexible approach to design. We will then examine other examples of assessment methods that can be used across an institution, including standardized rubrics, classroom assessment techniques, targeted assessments around high impact practices, and quick climate surveys to capture community pulse on important issues.

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